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Its Been Ages!!

Wow I can believe I haven't posted for almost half a year now! So much as gone on that I feel like, I wont be able to fill in all the blanks. (Or maybe I'm too lazy to?) Yeah probably the latter XD Well I still haven't found a job yet, so still at home although I did move out for a weekend (Long story.) Although I might have found something, a lady my grandmother know's was needing help down at the library here in my town. I went over to her house in hopes of volunteering, and we got to talking about what she needed done. I happened to mention that I tried applying for the library in Alma, and was thinking about applying for the one in Vanburen. Mary Lou,(the lady)stated that she knew people at the Alma, and the Vanburen library. And that if I wanted I could use her as a reference, she even went so far as to give me an ap for the Alma one. I filled out the application, only to find out later that Alma wasn't hiring, but would keep my app on file. Then later that week when I was out my grandmother's helping her make salsa, Mary Lou happened to call my g-mom to talk to me. She told me that she talked to the lady at Vanburen, and the lady was sending an email, to the staff at the Vanburen library stating that I would be coming to pick up an app. Just that day I'd already picked up the app, before the email was sent.

Mary also mentioned that I might have a chance, at getting a job despite they also weren't hiring, and maybe before the new library that's almost done being built, was finished. I sure hope so I'd really like a job doing, something I love rather than something that would bore me to tears. I guess I'll just have to wait, till I hear something back from them!! Anyways about my moving out, I had moved to Alabama with a friend of mine, and her sister and her sister's fiancee'. Lets just leave it as it was a big bomb, where the sister and her selfish fiancee' wanted to control both me and Marie. I wouldn't have it, so my dad brought me home and that's where I'm currently at now. Marie decided she'd stay, and that's fine with me, although I'd rather have her home. But she seems to be doing just fine up there, so it'd be selfish of me to insist otherwise. I don't like being home, but I'd rather be home than in a household where some who was YOUNGER than me, tried to control me. As you can see I'm not one to be controlled, the situation really was a fail, too many things were left out and not enough things said, that should have been before me and Marie made the trip. Okies change of subject! Next Wednesday is my 21st birthday!! No I'm not going out and partying, and getting drunk like some fools do.

Its not even going to be special, although I would have liked to have done something just a little special, but I have no idea what :/ This Saturday I'm going to get my hair cut, and styled the way I want it. Then I'm going to have Heaven dye my hair a burgundy red. I've grown tired of black, so I thought it was time for a change. Then both grandma, and dad are going to take me to Booksamillion to get me some books, and manga. Also g-mom is going to let me get a cheesecake,cake so its not entirely a bad way to spend my birthday!! I'll post pictures once its cut,and dyed!! Alright I'm going to go for now, and this time I will do my best to become more active!