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Eternal Poison Chapter Three

Time just passes by, I wasn't even aware of your arrival.” Reyna replied as he walked up to me. As always he was dressed fashionably, he wore a black overcoat with a crimson red frilled shirt, that ruffled at the sleeves like many of the shirts do. His pants matched the black in the over coat, and came down to his feet. His hair today was a bit different, he chosen to let it down for once I really had forgotten how long it was it was now almost touching the floor. “Liar you knew I was already here, the moment I arrived you just chose to stay in your bedroom writing.” I accused with a sly smile spread about my red lips. Another one of Reyna's many passions were books, and writing he was constantly writing something down, or sticking his nose in one of the many books he'd picked up over the countless centuries. “Nonetheless it was good of you to come now lets all go to the parlor we can discuss things in there.”

Reyna replied looking down into my hazel eyes as he placed a kiss on my pale hand.

Oddly enough I allowed such a gesture, but I didn't allow him to linger. From there I moved away and turned and headed towards the doors as was everyone else. Mariko was still sulking, and looked even more pouty than she had before I had upset her. With a inward sigh I hurried to catch up with her, and trust me in high heels that's not such a easy task. Not to mention when she wanted to the blond girl could run like a jack rabbit. Luckily though Mariko didn't look like she was going to start running anytime soon, because I wouldn't be able to catch her. “Hey I'm sorry if I offended you earlier, you really do look cute.” I said as I caught up with the pouty princess. She was silent for a moment …. and I wondered if she'd hold her grudge for just a little longer. “Really?! Okay then I forgive you!” Mariko exclaimed happily then grabbed onto my hand and laced her long slim fingers with my own. I could tell that she recently got her nails done, they were were polished and trimmed and painted a lilac purple.

Mariko you shouldn't cling to Chrome like that, she's had a long trip she must be exhausted.” Reyna scolded. “She doesn't mine, besides its not like I'm going to let you hog her all to yourself.” Mariko shot back. Apparently I didn't get a say in this, I thought to myself …. not that I really minded either way but it would be nice to have a opinion in this one. We were now walking down the long corridor, the echo of the tiling beneath our feet sounded throughout the whole mansion. A few moments later we came to a large wooden door that had Reyna's name carved into it. Impressive way to waste your money I commend you, I thought to myself sarcastically as I entered the room. It had gotten bigger than the last time I'd seen it, it was at least the size of a master bedroom if not more. The walls were done in wallpaper once again, the color a deep green to match the dark colored carpet that was on the floor. Along the walls where various pictures and paintings Reyna must have fancied, and there was a deer head oh how original.

There were a couple of book shelves along the walls as well, then in the center of the room was a long, dark mahogany desk it was no doubt messy. What surprised me the most, was the fact that there was one of those thin sliver boxes …. otherwise known as a computer. Heh so he too had given into technology's evil ways eh? Before I could look about the room anymore, I was dragged over to a leather sofa that was not to far from the fireplace that had been built along with the house. I took a seat and no sooner had I done that Mariko decided she was going to take up residence on my lap. “Do I even want to know?” I asked half amused as I looked up at her. “Nope! I haven't seen you in a while, so I'm clinging.” the blond said stubbornly. “Fine …. now someone tell me what's going on why did you want me here so badly?” I asked not really annoyed more so anxious than anything else. It was silent for a few moments, Seina decided to ease it by serving everyone tea and the cookies she'd bake for the occasion. I looked to Reyna who was standing over by the fireplace his back turned the rest us …. waiting for him to say something. “Its Morgan …. my brother he wants to be the one that break the curse.” Reyna said quietly. “But you said that all of you wanted to break the curse, why did you tell me differently?” I asked clearly confused and a bit annoyed.


Morgan was a part of the Yami clan, and Reyna's twin brother …. now that I looked around he was no where to be seen. “Would you have seriously came,if I told you it was Morgan who wanted to wanted to break the curse?” Reyna asked as he turned around and looked back me, those green eyes were so serious as they bore back into my own. I knew what he was getting at Morgan wasn't the type to try something like this he was level headed, smart, and a down right rational person. “I didn't want to believe that you wanted to break the curse, but I came all the same now didn't I?” I pointed out. “That's why we need your help, we know the weight of our sins and we have to atone for them …. and you know living isn't so bad even if it took me several hundreds of years to figure that out.” Seien stated from across the room. Seriously I didn't know what I would be able to do, if Morgan was so hell bent on doing this how in the world were we to stop him? He was just as immortal as the rest of us, and talking didn't seem like it would work either since he could be just as stubborn as Reyna at times. “What am I suppose to do?” I finally asked after sometime. Suddenly my peaceful way of living looked like it would be in for a hell of a ride for months, possibly years to come. “He may try and contact you talk with him, see if you can reason he always did favor you.” Ares replied.


We need you no one else can get through to him, who knows what will happen if he insists on breaking the curse.” Izel added. I glanced over at the midnight beauty she looked worried, and that was so unlike Izel she was always so confident in everything she did. “I don't see how its going to help any, he'll just ignore me too if he learns that I wont try and break the curse. If that's the case what then, what are we going to do then?” I questioned. “I'm with Chrome I don't see how it'll help, he's already rejected all of us including Reyna.” Mariko murmured softly. “Just shut up for once in your life you stupid self absorbed girl, if Reyna thinks it'll work it will!” Willow spat across the room. This right here annoyed me Mariko was just stating her own opinion very much like Willow would have even if no one really gave a damn about it. I pushed Mariko off my lap, and stood up I had said I wouldn't fight and I had no intention of it but I wouldn't just keep quiet while Miss Willow, tried to woo Reyna who she obviously had feelings for by being a bitch to everyone else. “I'd think before you speak if I were you, because if anyone is self absorbed its got to be you. I don't know if your pmsing, or if its just age that's turned you into a even bigger bitch but lay off Mariko.” I replied firmly.

I chose not to go any closer to Willow because if she decided to punch me I couldn't be reliable for my rational self going off on her. “Ladies, ladies lets not fight it was just a careless slip of the tongue now whaddya say we all go out on a date?” Retica suddenly said to lighten the mood. But clearly I wasn't in the mood for his happy go luck, I don't give a shit mood. “Shut it Retica.” Me and Willow said in unison. “Heh you don't know me, or the first thing about me.” Willow said now to me, a sneer on her full lips. “Nor do I care to, now I think I really have wasted enough time here …. so if you'll excuse me I'll be leaving now.” I said as I turned on my heel to go. There really was no point in staying if Morgan wouldn't listen to anyone else, then he wouldn't listen to me. They would just have to figure out another way to convince him, tie him up for all I care just leave me out of it I thought to myself. I felt a tug on my sleeve, and I didn't have to look down to know that it was Mariko. “No don't go …. don't worry about Willow she doesn't phase me in the least …. but if you go because of me then I'll just feel awful!” Mariko said hurriedly. Ah Mariko could really hit below the belt when she looked at me like this, her lips were all pouty and those chocolate brown eyes looked at me in such a pleading way.


I knew I was going to regret my next words, but nonetheless I couldn't stop them before they were out of my mouth. “I'm leaving …. if you want to come with me then come on or else stay behind.” I replied as I looked down at her. “Wait Chrome you cant just leave what about Morgan?!” Reyna asked clearly annoyed. Of course his question was pretty much on deaf ears, once Mariko heard the offer. “Really?! I can go home with you? I'll do it! Let me get some clothes, and I'll be right with you!” Mariko said as she bounced up and down, and then just ask quickly out of the room. “As far as I'm concerned I don't want any part of it, but if he calls I'll see what I can do. But I'm not promising anything more than that, I've had enough of this curse and the bull crap that circulates around it …. I just want to live my life in peace and I don't think that's much to ask.” I stated. With this I turned and left the room, and didn't wait for anyone else to speak. As I walked to the front entrance I called Clive to tell him that I would be coming home after all, and that I was bringing a guest. Once that was done and over with I stood there and waited on Mariko to get her things together which very well may take ages. She'd no doubt have all of her things out of her suitcase strung about the room, as she tried to decide what to take. When it came to decisions Mariko defiantly wasn't good at making them, that was for sure. “So your really going to go? Your not even going to stay here, and try to think of a solution with all of us.” Setsuna questioned.


He was leaning up against a nearby wall, I hadn't even heard him follow me out that's how quiet he'd been. “No I wont Setsuna you know this clan like I do it would be nothing but never ending arguing, between both my clan and Reyna's. I'm tired of it, and I shouldn't have even come.” I stated with a small sigh. If anyone could understand my reason behind this it'd be Setsuna, or rather I hoped he would. “I'm glad you did after all it has been quite a while, since we've managed to see one another. But if this is what you wish then go, I wont argue what I will say is that I hope its not another two centuries before I lay eyes upon you again.” Setsuna murmured. With this he walked towards me and placed a kiss on my forehead, and turned and walked back towards the parlor. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty for having not been in contact with Setsuna …. it just never seemed to be a good time for either one of us up till now. I knew though that Setsuna bore no grudge with me, call it my intuition or the fact that I just knew how the man was. About twenty minutes, and half of my patience later Mariko came running down the stairs, with several suitcases …. good thing my limo was spacious I mused. “Your not going to be at my place for a centuries you know.” I pointed out as I nodded towards her belongings.

I know but I got some new clothes, and I want to model them for you! Seina's not the only one who can model.” the blond girl said with a wink. I decided not to argue on this one, and just let it be because knowing Mariko she'd pout again. “Alright then lets just go.” I said as I opened the doors open for her and allowed her to go out first. Just about that time my long stretch limo, came pulling up into Reyna's long driveway. How Clive managed to get here so fast was news to me, but I guess that was one thing with age and experience. From there I grabbed a few of Mariko's bags, and placed them into the trunk while Clive handled the rest. From there I slid inside beside Mariko who was happily sitting against the window, not that it was any surprise to me but the girl looked even happier if that was possible. “Ohhh this is going to be so much fun! We can stay up late, and talk for hours and do each others hair it can be like one of those modern day sleepovers girls have!” Mariko said as she bounced up and down on the seat a little. “No thanks you may get into that kind of thing, but that's just not me.” I declined. Knowing Mariko the moment I let her touch my hair it would end up cut, and to my shoulders in a modern day fashion. The blond girl did love her fashion, and it seemed that even now she kept up with the latest trends.

Aw but it'll be fun, pleaseeeee Chrome.” Mariko begged throwing me those puppy dog eyes again. “Why don't you ask Seina, or Ares? They'd be more the type to accept?” I asked. Seina was a model now so wouldn't she be the best candidate not to mention Ares gossiped so Mariko could be entertained by that …. why me? I could careless about gossip and clothes were merely something to wear not god like thing that needed worshiping like so many people seemed to do. Granted I liked looking nice, but there was a limit to everything. “Seina's too busy with her job, and Ares talks too much …. plus I just like you more!” Mariko said bluntly. “While its nice to know you like me, still I'll have to decline I'm not into what you are. If you want to visit with one another we can order a pizza and rent a movie, but that's as modern as I'm going.” I replied. I'd recently bought a flat screen television, such a wondrous box it was full of so many pictures, and people. For a while I'd been convinced that it was evil, and it was created by black magic but the more I heard about them the more, I came to want one.

Aw …. alright then we can still stay up late right? We have so much to catch up on.” Mariko asked with some disappointment. “Yes, yes I suppose we could.” I muttered giving in just a little. It wasn't like talking with Mariko was troublesome, and while I did like my peace …. some company would be nice. I just hoped that the others didn't decide to invite themselves and waltz in unannounced I thought with a grimace. “Yay! Thank you your the best!” Mariko exclaimed as she hugged me tightly. “Yeah,yeah I'm a regular god, now let go please?” I muttered. Heh but the request was on death ears, especially when it was Mariko I was speaking with. She rested her head on my shoulder, and tucked her arm through mine and stayed just like that. I glanced out the window, we were now heading back into the forest a few hours and we'd be back at my place. So for the remainder of the ride I tried not to think of the curse, or that Morgan was really the one that wanted to break it and not Reyna and the others.