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Eternal Poison Chapter Two

It was late evening when I awoke, the limo was pulling up the hill that lead to Reyna's driveway. As the driver continued up the path, I could see the old mansion it'd no doubt, been fixed over the years. There was no way Reyna would let the 'steal' he'd found fifty or sixty years ago disappear too soon. The house however was about four hundred to say the least years old. The outside structure was done completely in rocks, each stone was carefully placed like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. The roof was somewhat towering, kind of like medieval towers, but not quite as round. The windows were long, and wide they looked every bit as regal as they were intended to. The yard surrounding the mansion was nicely kept to, it was probably due to the fact that Reyna paid a gardener.

Nonetheless it was still quite beautiful the grass was freshly trimmed, there were rows of rose bushes surrounding the house, and off in the distance would be a small pond where Reyna had fish, only for watching of course. Once we came to a stop at the front of the mansion, Clive my driver came around and opened my door for me. “Thank you I'll call you if I shall need you to come pick me up again.” I said with a soft smile. “Oh no trouble ma'am just call me day, or night and I'll be here as soon as I can.” came the sound of Clive's deep voice. After that I thanked him once more, and headed up the rock walk way to the mansion. No sooner had I walked up on the wooden porch, the double doors flung open and a flash of blond came running at me. I was practically tackled to the ground we both hit the wood of the porch hard. I stared up half dazed half annoyed, at my assaulter it was Mariko and damned if she didn't looked the least bit phased at where we were at the moment.

She hadn't changed a bit, well obviously. Her hair was still long and golden blond hair she had them done up in cute pig tails. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with happiness, and excitement as she gazed back down at me. She wasn't dressed in her usual attire, instead she know wore a small reasonably low cut blouse it was black and had some wording on it. With that she were a black and red checkered plaid skirt which was short. Seriously it would have be frowned upon back in the day, I thought with a inward chuckle. At her feet were, a pair of combat boots which I had to admit suited her and her make up was as a cute and girly as ever. Her lips were a blend of pink and red, and her rogue which kissed her rosy cheeks was a dull shade of pink. For her eyes there was a light purple and pink contrast going on. She was always cute, and defiantly a looker of that even I could admit …. but at the moment I really shouldn't be admiring her for her looks I muttered to myself.

Chrome its really you! Oh I've missed you so much, you look great really great!” Mariko bubbled out compliment after compliment. She was now clinging onto me for dear life I could practically see the flash of the lacy pink and white striped bra that she had on. “Yeah its me, or at least I think its me …. now get up would you? Someones going to come out here and get the wrong idea.” I muttered. My long black hair which was curled was now splayed all over the porch, my emerald green gown was hiked up, revealing a little more leg than I had wanted to. Surely anyone would get the wrong idea, heh especially anyone in my family. From there she got up off me in a hurry, and apologized quickly once I rose to my feet I told her it was fine. No sooner was I back on my feet again, Mariko grabbed onto my arm and loop her shorter delicate arm through mine and all but dragged me into the parlor of the mansion. “He,he you've still got that sarcasm about you I see, that's good. Everyone from your clan is already here their waiting in the ballroom.” Mariko explained along the way. “Ah I see, didn't take them long.” I muttered out loud, but more to myself than anything else.

As I looked around the interior had changed from the last time I saw it, now the walls had wallpaper a nice floral scene, I noted. There was still that big fireplace in the center of the room, only now it was molded with rocks which wasn't entirely a bad idea I reasoned. The stairs that lead up, to the other rooms in the mansion was long and spiraling, and painted a nice bright white. “What's with the outfit, what happened to your usual ball gowns?” I found myself asking as he headed on back to the ballroom. “Isn't it cute?! Its nothing like the dresses back in our day, but its so much lighter and I like the way I look.” Mariko said with a pout. She did look cute, I had to hand it to her, but I wasn't about to admit it out loud. “No you look like a harlot of our day.” I replied with a smirk. “Aw no fair, I do not! Just the other day Retica was saying how adorable I looked!” the blond girl protested with a bit of a dramatical stomp of her foot. “You do realize that Retica's just saying that so he'll get on your good side …. if you know what I mean.” I pointed out.

Aw poor Mariko she could be quite dumb at times, or rather she let on like she was. After all Retica was a handsome guy, but he was forever the sweet talker of both cute girls, and guys. “But … but I want to be told I'm cute damn it!” Mariko shouted now losing just a bit of the girly side to her. Heh,heh well her puppy dog like anger was defiantly cute that was for sure I thought quietly to myself. From there we finally reached the double doors, of the ballroom. Before I could say anything else, the blond girl threw both double doors open like it was nothing, and all but dragged me into the room. There mingling with one another, dressed in lavish gowns and dashing suits was my clan, and Reyna's. The silent talk that was going on amongst the others, was interrupted when Mariko had slammed the doors open. The very upset princess all but dragged me inside the room, and with a humph left me. I sighed quietly and reminded myself I'd have to apologize later, with that I walked over to greet my clan who I haven't seen in a long while.


Retica naturally was the first to greet me, he looked quite dashing as usual with his brown overcoat, and frilly white collar the buttons were black but had hints of silver aligning the edges. His pants matched the same color as the coat, his semi short reddish brown hair was tied back with a ribbon. His grey eyes were filled with that flirtatious/humored look that never seemed to go away. “Hey sexy long time no see.” Retica said with that lazy smile of his. Apparently the local speech had rubbed off on him, back in our time it was said a little more subtly. Heh he would have ended up getting slapped if had said something like that, to a lady of our time I thought with a bit of a smirk. “Still the same as ever I see, how have you been?” I asked as I gazed back up into his eyes. Retica was a member of my own clan, and no matter how he was it was only natural to feel some affection for the man. “Well I'm not sick, and I'm not dying anytime soon so pretty damn good I'd say.” Retica replied cheekily. Before I could make a witty reply to that, our very own gothic princess or to be more specific Izel subtly bumped Retica out of the her way so she could greet me.


Still pretty as every, and still so much like a doll with her porcelain white skin, and long midnight black hair that was done in nothing but masses of curls. Her eyes were a pretty forest green, and oh her face it was so delicate and soft looking everything from her tiny nose, to her full cherry red lips. The gown she wore was pitch black, it was a off the shoulder gown so her pure white skin was exposed, the sleeves were thin and trimmed with laces. As for the front of her gown was daringly low cut, so just the tops of her small but generous breasts were peaking out over the material. It was laced up like a corset, and the whole bottom half of the gown was flared out, and trimmed with lace and black bows. “Good evening.” Izel replied with a polite bow, taking in her hands her dress and raising it just a little as she did. “Its good to see you again, your looking well.” I replied back. With this the the midnight beauty, turned and walked off …. Izel had never been one of many words not even back in our village.

She was the silent beauty that everyone either admired, and desired, or loathed and picked on. Izel was often thought to be rude, or snobby because she would say what was on her mind then turn and leave. “You really should give me a call sometime, there has been so much you've missed.” a soft but smooth voice said. I turned and there standing at five foot eight with fiery red hair, and dark blue eyes was Ares. I noted the dress she was wearing it was such a vibrant shade of red, the sleeves were long and frilled at the end, and the front of the dressed was lined in black all the way down the middle. The skirt of the dress was all puffed out but it suited Ares well. “I prefer my solitude thank you, besides all you want to do is gossip anyways.” I found myself replied teasingly. “There's nothing wrong with keeping up on the times, after all we're forced to live through each decade.” Ares pointed out. She was forever the gossip freak as she was back then, the red head had to know every little detail about, who was doing what, or who just like in the old days.

Not that she was a bad person, it was just she couldn't keep her mouth shut if she learned a delicious secret. “I suppose not but your a little too into them my dear Ares.” I said. This may sound silly here, but I'd forgotten how many their were in my clan, and it seemed like it was taking forever to greet them all. Not to mention I still had to greet the Yami clan, who was waiting patiently as I talked among my clan. From there I visited with Seien a long blond haired boy well if you could call him that anymore, with hazel eyes like my own. Then there was Shiki a dark loner of his time, he'd chopped his black hair off which had once been down his back, now it only went passed his chin. But it framed his handsome face, and the black in his hair really seemed to bring out the brown in his eyes. After I finished talking among my clan for now, we could always catch up later after all, I noted as I scanned the room that Reyna was not in here. Heh it was just like the man, to not be here on time he was always so late to dinner parties, and balls. Mariko was still sulking in the corner, I'd have to tell her she was cute later …. for her to forgive me. A tapping on my shoulder had me turning around, there standing about approximately six foot was the dark red headed, green eyed boy I use to tease so much as a child.


Hey red your looking good.” I complimented while using my old nick name for him. He was dressed well too, he wore a smart white over coat which was trimmed with gold buttons, and intricate designs on the pockets. His frilled shirt was the same white, but it suited him as did the pants which were also the same color. Teru pulled me into a hug which I hadn't been expecting, but all the same as a polite gesture I hugged him back then pulled away. “Oh I'm sorry, its just …. well you know like everyone has been saying its been a while. Its just so good to see you, even if your still calling me that ridiculous name.” Teru stated quietly. Before I could say anything I heard a shout which seemed to be laced with annoyance. “Keep your hands off Chrome! She doesn't like to be hugged.” Mariko announced her voice echoing off the walls of the ballroom. Heh she knew this and yet she was still forever hugging me,glomping me, and practically holding onto me tightly. Teru who was a soft spoken person, and a jumpy person by nature began apologizing for doing something that I didn't like over, and over again.


Its alright I'm not mad.” I said to Teru. Though I could forever tease him about this incident I thought in the back of my mind. “Heh I don't see what's so great about you, you still haven't changed much. I don't see why we even need you hear.” came the voice of the one person I didn't like in Reyna's clan. There standing up against the wall was a beautiful but a downright bitch as she would be called even in this day and age. Her hair was now short and spiky but had some length to it, and dyed a bright shade of green, something of this time I supposed. She wore some band tee shirt, that was ripped around the stomach showing off her pale stomach. A pair of tight black jeans were hugging her well rounded hips, and she had her lip pierced. I must say that even I was a bit taken aback, I wondered if Reyna was shamed by this girl's actions. “Its always a pleasure to see you again too Willow, your still the same snobby bitch I knew back in the day …. lets do tea sometime shall we?” I shot back sweetly.

It was defiantly a surprise to see the now green haired girl, who once had long flowing wavy brown hair, and dressed in elegant dresses and one who was popular with the men, now dressed as some punk rocker so to say. I watched in amusement as Willow's clear blue eyes turned a shade darker as the agitation set in. “I promised Reyna I'd play nice enough, but if you keep that up I'll challenge you to a duel.” Willow said coldly. “Oh screw Reyna darling, we could always go right outside if you like but your forgetting one little detail, neither one of us will die.” I said with a smirk my eyes never once looking away. Talking about death would surely set Willow off, because she wanted it just as badly as the rest of us. Only she was more sensitive to the topic, because she wasn't use to not getting what she wanted. However before she could come at me, which she looked like she was about ready to do a girl with long cascading brown hair, stood in between me and Willow. At first I didn't recognize her it was only then did I look at the exotic features of her face, and the grey eyes was when I realized that it was Seina.

Back in the day she hadn't, kept her hair any longer than up to her chin and now it almost reached the floor. “That's enough Willow just because you don't like her doesn't mean you have the right to be rude.” I heard Seina's soft but firm voice say. “I don't care what you have to say, there's no way I'm being polite to her …. not when everyone's acts like her cupcakes her the greatest.” Willow said with a huff. Cupcakes? When did I start baking? I thought quietly to myself half amused, at this comparison. I had a witty reply back to that, but I chose to keep my mouth shut simply because it would only end up causing a disturbance and that wasn't necessary. “You've changed quite a bit since I've seen you Seina.” I commented to the dark haired girl. “Oh its mainly for my job, I started modeling you know.” Seina said. Modeling? Why in the world would someone as sweet as Seina want to model? The whole world was based on looks, which she had but nonetheless she was so much better then that. But then again they said if you got it flaunt, I reasoned. Then again it wasn't liked she needed the money, even still if one could get extra money it never did hurt. “No I didn't know though good luck, you defiantly got it to show off.” I complimented. I heard a scoff over in the direction of Willow but I said nothing still. “Looks like I'm last.” a rich sounding voice filled my ears.


There standing not too far off was a tall man about oh say six foot two, his long honey colored hair was pulled back into a fashionable pony tail tied with a ribbon was Setsuna. His blue eyes were still the prettiest I'd seen in a long time, I thought quietly to myself. He hadn't changed one bit, it would be odd for the man to change seeing how I could never picture him in anything else but his old attire. Without thinking much of it, I darted over to where he stood and embraced him tightly. Setsuna was always a close friend, however it was a shame that we'd lost touch with one another, but I supposed this sort of thing happened. “Its nice to see you again, your fairing well eh?” I asked as I looked up into his eyes with a wide smile spread about my face. “Indeed I am, I don't think I'll be getting sick anytime soon, but all the same its good to see you too.” Setsuna replied warmly. I then pulled away and took a step back, even if we hadn't spoken in a long while I could still see that in Setsuna's eyes I was still a very important friend to him. Before anything else was said the double doors opened and in walked Reyna. Now it was time to see if I'd be leaving or staying, I thought silently to myself as I waited for the dark haired man to approach me.