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This years xmas!!

Even though its not technically Christmas anyone, I still wanted to write about it anyway. It was actually one of the best xmas's I've had in quite a while. Although it first started out not so well, my phone ended up breaking. Its been giving me hell for quite a while, blanking out half the screen. Just the other day a piece of the hinge broke off, and just yesterday I accidentally bumped it off the bed, and it snapped. It really drove me crazy, one of the reasons being that I've had this phone for three years. It was the first phone my mother got me, and I made it last when my dad and sister had to get new phones. So it was naturally something really special to me, and now that its broke it just really depresses me. The other reason was that I was texting my girlfriend at the time, and had planned to text well into the morning. Luckily though my dad's allowing me to use his phone, until I can get another phone. Now onto my Christmas morning, it took a bit to get to where we opened gifts. I actually couldn't sleep very well, because I was so excited to open gifts XD

Every year our grandparents come out to watch us open gifts, and open their gifts. It was around eight in the morning, when I finally called grandma to ask to see when she would come out. They ended up coming about around nine, which made me antsy I must say XD I was really that excited, which is a new thing for me! Once they came out, we opened gifts, which was quite fun mostly because,I got to watch my sister's reaction to what she got. After we opened we gifts me and Heaven, cleaned the room and talk for a bit, before getting dinner on. Luckily we didn't have to rush around like we did on Thanksgiving, although most turned out well, other dishes could have been better. Nonetheless being able to chat and eat with our grandparents was a nice touch. Not much more to say, but I thought I'd list what I got, that way I don't have to repeat what I got XD

What g-mom & g-pa got me:

Two hats

A skeleton shirt

Crochet hooks

Latch hook, and latch hook rug

Rug yarn

Pajama set

A box of chocolate covered cherries

Two books and two manga (The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancy, Hero by Perry Moore. Otomen vol 3, M & N vol 2.)

Bras (Just in case y'all were dying to know XD)

Fairy blanket

Laptop (A way early xmas gift)


What Dad got me:

Three Books and three manga (Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev, The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy, and Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters. The Wallflower vol 2, Boy Princess vol 3, and Yellow vol 2.)

Alice in Wonderland (DVD)

From Hell (DVD)

Howl's Moving Castle (DVD)

Blackveilbrides (Perfect Weapon)

My Chemical Romance ( Danger Days)

A book light

40 $ Booksamillion gift card

Nana messenger bag

Chinese horoscope necklace (Snake)


Kingdom hearts: Birth by sleep (Got that early ... PSP)

Printer (Its both mine and my sisters)

Odin Sphere (Ps2)

Castlevania: Lamont of Innocence (Ps2)

What my girl got me <3


A gift card to B&N, and a manga!!

I'll write again when I have something more to say.


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