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Its been a bit since I wrote an entry, so I thought I'd talk about my Thanksgiving, and other events. I know its belated but really who cares? This year Thanksgiving went well, everything got cooked properly, despite being slightly rushed. Best of all my magic cookies bars, turned out and weren't all hard this time around!!!! Its a pretty big deal to me, because I always had my mom to help me out, when making them. Now she's passed on, so its pretty difficult to remember, how everything went. To be able to bake them properly, was a big accomplishment for me. I was also really happy everything else turned out right, even the turkey. I'm not a turkey eater so it wasn't a big deal, if it didn't taste right to me. However I was concerned with it tasting good for the ones who did eat turkey. As usual our grandparents came over for dinner, g-mom cooked a few things of her own to add to the dinner. All in all we had quite a bit made, so we had left overs for a few nights. Which given wasn't so bad, seeing how I didn't have to fumble over, what to fix for dinner as I usually do.

It was nice just having the grandparents over, despite not having mom there. It has only been a year going on two, that she's been gone, it would have been great if she could have been there. But I know she wouldn't want us all depressed on the holidays, so we try to keep it together the best we can. And by cooking for everyone I feel like I'm making her proud, or at least I hope I am. Apart from turkey day going so well, some other things have been looking up. I haven't got a job, however I'm volunteering at the library here in Vanburen. I love working around books, and I'd rather do something I love, than do something I dread coming to everyday. Which is why I'm hoping by my volunteering, it will give me the experience necessary to work in a library. I've filled out an application, actually quite a bit previously to volunteering.

Now its just a matter of time, followed by waiting to see if they want me there. I believe I'm being quite useful, not to sound snoody or so sure of myself. But I've been getting several compliments, on all the shelve straightening I've been doing, along with the other tasks they have me doing. I usually go Friday through Sunday it gives me quite a bit of time there, and hours to work and gain the experience needed for the job. I've been doing it for two, or three weeks now and I'm really enjoying it!! That's about all I have to say, so until the next time I decide to post, which probably wont be until Christmas, and or something exciting happens.