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Birthday Entry!!

I decided to post today since its my birthday, admittedly its almost over Nevertheless I thought to get the entry out on my birthday, even if this one does run over in to tomorrow XD Even without my mom here, despite me missing her a lot and wishing she was here. Today has been great nothing went wrong, and the day passed by peacefully. Grandma took me up to Booksamillion where I got some manga and books (I'll list what I got at the end of the entry.) Then she took me to get a cheesecake,which served as my birthday cake ^^ I'm not very fond of bakery cakes, seeing how the frosting is way too thick, and the cake even sweeter.

After getting my cake she bought me lunch at Burger King, and then me and Heaven came home where I put my things up. I messed around the house for a while, read some and waited till dad got home. Once the time finally did roll around, and got home we got ready and headed back up to Booksamillion. If you cant tell I really just wanted manga and books XDD There I got some more manga and yep you guessed it more books!! Dad even paid for a manga I was going to buy myself, although I went back and got another one I wanted and paid for it myself lol. I saved some since I have a Booksamillion card, although I think I'd save more online than in the store to be honest. Anyways after that we picked up the pizza we ordered, and came home and ate. Then a little after that Samantha came by and picked me up, I haven't seen her in ages! Not since earlier this year to be exact. We hung out at her mom's place, and I played with her younger sister Ashley some. Not a big fan of Barbies, but I didn't mind so much, her sister was a cutie!! Then after it was time to come home, I got in and talked with dad some before he headed off to bed. This is kind of a rushed form of my birthday, but I didn't feel like going into detail too much lol. Well that's all I have to say, other than today was really great it would only be better if mom could be here. K well I'm going to go I'll write back when I can.

Books I got

Ironside by Holly Black
The Coffin Club by Ellen Schreiber
Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber
Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber
A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands
The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Manga I got

Me and my Brothers vol 9
Vampire Knight vol 9
High School Debut vol 10
Junjo Romantica vol 9
Beast Master vol 2
Portrait of M and N vol 1
Authors Pet vol 1 (one shot)
Fushigi Yuugi Big additon 7-9
Fushigi Yuugi Big addition 10-12

Oh and Sam got me a 20 dollar gift card!!