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This years xmas!!

Even though its not technically Christmas anyone, I still wanted to write about it anyway. It was actually one of the best xmas's I've had in quite a while. Although it first started out not so well, my phone ended up breaking. Its been giving me hell for quite a while, blanking out half the screen. Just the other day a piece of the hinge broke off, and just yesterday I accidentally bumped it off the bed, and it snapped. It really drove me crazy, one of the reasons being that I've had this phone for three years. It was the first phone my mother got me, and I made it last when my dad and sister had to get new phones. So it was naturally something really special to me, and now that its broke it just really depresses me. The other reason was that I was texting my girlfriend at the time, and had planned to text well into the morning. Luckily though my dad's allowing me to use his phone, until I can get another phone. Now onto my Christmas morning, it took a bit to get to where we opened gifts. I actually couldn't sleep very well, because I was so excited to open gifts XD

Every year our grandparents come out to watch us open gifts, and open their gifts. It was around eight in the morning, when I finally called grandma to ask to see when she would come out. They ended up coming about around nine, which made me antsy I must say XD I was really that excited, which is a new thing for me! Once they came out, we opened gifts, which was quite fun mostly because,I got to watch my sister's reaction to what she got. After we opened we gifts me and Heaven, cleaned the room and talk for a bit, before getting dinner on. Luckily we didn't have to rush around like we did on Thanksgiving, although most turned out well, other dishes could have been better. Nonetheless being able to chat and eat with our grandparents was a nice touch. Not much more to say, but I thought I'd list what I got, that way I don't have to repeat what I got XD

What g-mom & g-pa got me:

Two hats

A skeleton shirt

Crochet hooks

Latch hook, and latch hook rug

Rug yarn

Pajama set

A box of chocolate covered cherries

Two books and two manga (The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancy, Hero by Perry Moore. Otomen vol 3, M & N vol 2.)

Bras (Just in case y'all were dying to know XD)

Fairy blanket

Laptop (A way early xmas gift)


What Dad got me:

Three Books and three manga (Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev, The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy, and Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters. The Wallflower vol 2, Boy Princess vol 3, and Yellow vol 2.)

Alice in Wonderland (DVD)

From Hell (DVD)

Howl's Moving Castle (DVD)

Blackveilbrides (Perfect Weapon)

My Chemical Romance ( Danger Days)

A book light

40 $ Booksamillion gift card

Nana messenger bag

Chinese horoscope necklace (Snake)


Kingdom hearts: Birth by sleep (Got that early ... PSP)

Printer (Its both mine and my sisters)

Odin Sphere (Ps2)

Castlevania: Lamont of Innocence (Ps2)

What my girl got me <3


A gift card to B&N, and a manga!!

I'll write again when I have something more to say.


Its been a bit since I wrote an entry, so I thought I'd talk about my Thanksgiving, and other events. I know its belated but really who cares? This year Thanksgiving went well, everything got cooked properly, despite being slightly rushed. Best of all my magic cookies bars, turned out and weren't all hard this time around!!!! Its a pretty big deal to me, because I always had my mom to help me out, when making them. Now she's passed on, so its pretty difficult to remember, how everything went. To be able to bake them properly, was a big accomplishment for me. I was also really happy everything else turned out right, even the turkey. I'm not a turkey eater so it wasn't a big deal, if it didn't taste right to me. However I was concerned with it tasting good for the ones who did eat turkey. As usual our grandparents came over for dinner, g-mom cooked a few things of her own to add to the dinner. All in all we had quite a bit made, so we had left overs for a few nights. Which given wasn't so bad, seeing how I didn't have to fumble over, what to fix for dinner as I usually do.

It was nice just having the grandparents over, despite not having mom there. It has only been a year going on two, that she's been gone, it would have been great if she could have been there. But I know she wouldn't want us all depressed on the holidays, so we try to keep it together the best we can. And by cooking for everyone I feel like I'm making her proud, or at least I hope I am. Apart from turkey day going so well, some other things have been looking up. I haven't got a job, however I'm volunteering at the library here in Vanburen. I love working around books, and I'd rather do something I love, than do something I dread coming to everyday. Which is why I'm hoping by my volunteering, it will give me the experience necessary to work in a library. I've filled out an application, actually quite a bit previously to volunteering.

Now its just a matter of time, followed by waiting to see if they want me there. I believe I'm being quite useful, not to sound snoody or so sure of myself. But I've been getting several compliments, on all the shelve straightening I've been doing, along with the other tasks they have me doing. I usually go Friday through Sunday it gives me quite a bit of time there, and hours to work and gain the experience needed for the job. I've been doing it for two, or three weeks now and I'm really enjoying it!! That's about all I have to say, so until the next time I decide to post, which probably wont be until Christmas, and or something exciting happens.

Birthday Entry!!

I decided to post today since its my birthday, admittedly its almost over Nevertheless I thought to get the entry out on my birthday, even if this one does run over in to tomorrow XD Even without my mom here, despite me missing her a lot and wishing she was here. Today has been great nothing went wrong, and the day passed by peacefully. Grandma took me up to Booksamillion where I got some manga and books (I'll list what I got at the end of the entry.) Then she took me to get a cheesecake,which served as my birthday cake ^^ I'm not very fond of bakery cakes, seeing how the frosting is way too thick, and the cake even sweeter.

After getting my cake she bought me lunch at Burger King, and then me and Heaven came home where I put my things up. I messed around the house for a while, read some and waited till dad got home. Once the time finally did roll around, and got home we got ready and headed back up to Booksamillion. If you cant tell I really just wanted manga and books XDD There I got some more manga and yep you guessed it more books!! Dad even paid for a manga I was going to buy myself, although I went back and got another one I wanted and paid for it myself lol. I saved some since I have a Booksamillion card, although I think I'd save more online than in the store to be honest. Anyways after that we picked up the pizza we ordered, and came home and ate. Then a little after that Samantha came by and picked me up, I haven't seen her in ages! Not since earlier this year to be exact. We hung out at her mom's place, and I played with her younger sister Ashley some. Not a big fan of Barbies, but I didn't mind so much, her sister was a cutie!! Then after it was time to come home, I got in and talked with dad some before he headed off to bed. This is kind of a rushed form of my birthday, but I didn't feel like going into detail too much lol. Well that's all I have to say, other than today was really great it would only be better if mom could be here. K well I'm going to go I'll write back when I can.

Books I got

Ironside by Holly Black
The Coffin Club by Ellen Schreiber
Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber
Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber
A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands
The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Manga I got

Me and my Brothers vol 9
Vampire Knight vol 9
High School Debut vol 10
Junjo Romantica vol 9
Beast Master vol 2
Portrait of M and N vol 1
Authors Pet vol 1 (one shot)
Fushigi Yuugi Big additon 7-9
Fushigi Yuugi Big addition 10-12

Oh and Sam got me a 20 dollar gift card!!


Future Cosplays

I wanted to keep track of all of my cosplays I wanted to do so I decided to make a list here.


Yoite (Nabari no Ou)
Ayanami (07 Ghost)
Bonten (Amatsuki)
Nowaki (Junjo Romantica)
Izaya (Durrara!!)
Haji (Blood +)
Karl (Blood +)
Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket)
Yu Kanda (D-gray man)
Debitto (D-grayman)
Hajime Saito (Hakuouki)
Yasuaki (Haruka) .. Still thinking about this one.
Prussia (Hetalia)
Mukuro (Reborn)
Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji)
Issak (Trinity Blood)
Radu (Trinity Blood)
Gakupo (Vocaloid)
Kaito (Vocaloid)
Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)
Yukimura (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Ryuuren (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
Yoh (High school debut)
Reyna (Eternal Poison)
Senri (+Anima)


Saya (Blood +)
Shuurei (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
Asta (Trinity Blood)
Ushio (The gentleman's alliance)
Hotarubi (Basilisk)

More to come ... I'll edit this later.

100 Book Challenge

So I heard about this from another site I frequent from time to time. There's no prize for this just the mere satisfaction that you've read fifty books within a year. I might even make it a 100 if I think I can go for it, and with the way I love reading I believe that I can do this!! So I'll keep my list updated on here, and hopefully I'll reach fifty, and maybe even a hundred before the year is out!!

List is in no certain order.

1. Geography Club by Brent Hartinger
2. Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Close by Patricia Cornwell
3. Lessons From a Dead Girl by Jo Knowles
4. The Kitchen Boy: A Novel about the last Tsar by Alexander Robert
5. 33 Snowfish by Adam Rapp
6. Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
7. 31 Bond Street Ellen Horan
8. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
9. Graceling by Kristen Cashore
10. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
11. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See
12. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
13. The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan
14.The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
15. Wicked Lovely by Mellisa Marr
16. Ink Exchange by Mellisa Marr
17. Fragile Eternity by Mellisa Marr
18. The Last Knight by Hilari Bell
19. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
20. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
21. Hamlet William Shakespeare
22. Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev
23. Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
24. Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber
25. Vampireville by Ellen Schreiber
26. Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber
27. Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
28. Tithe by Holly Black
29. Valiant by Holly Black
30. The Poison Eaters by Holly Black
31. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
32. Maximum Ride: Schools Out Forever by James Patterson
33. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson
34. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning by James Patterson
35. Maximum Ride: MAX by James Patterson
36. Maximum Ride: FANG by James Patterson
37. Vampires Are Forever by Lynsay Sands
38. Fallen Lauren Kate
39. Ash by Malinda Lo
40. Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke
41. Fire by Kristen Cashore
42. GONE by Michael Grant
43. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
44. Need by Carrie Jones
45. Hush Hush by Becca FitzPatrick
46. HUNGER by Michael Grant
47. Ironside by Holly Black
48. The Coffin Club by Ellen Schreiber
49. Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber
50. Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice
51. Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber
52. A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands
53. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
54. White Cat by Holly Black
55. Rage by Julie Anne Peters
56. Willow by Julia Hoban
57. Rogue's Home by Hilari Bell
58. Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafsi
59. 7 Souls by Barnabas Miller & Jordan Orlando
60. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
61. After Midnight by Teresa Medeiros
62. Nevermore Kelly Creagh
63. Shadow Game by Christine Feehan
64. David Inside Out by Lee Bantle
65. LIES by Michael Grant
66. Geisha: A Life by Mineko Iwasaki
67. Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

Its Been Ages!!

Wow I can believe I haven't posted for almost half a year now! So much as gone on that I feel like, I wont be able to fill in all the blanks. (Or maybe I'm too lazy to?) Yeah probably the latter XD Well I still haven't found a job yet, so still at home although I did move out for a weekend (Long story.) Although I might have found something, a lady my grandmother know's was needing help down at the library here in my town. I went over to her house in hopes of volunteering, and we got to talking about what she needed done. I happened to mention that I tried applying for the library in Alma, and was thinking about applying for the one in Vanburen. Mary Lou,(the lady)stated that she knew people at the Alma, and the Vanburen library. And that if I wanted I could use her as a reference, she even went so far as to give me an ap for the Alma one. I filled out the application, only to find out later that Alma wasn't hiring, but would keep my app on file. Then later that week when I was out my grandmother's helping her make salsa, Mary Lou happened to call my g-mom to talk to me. She told me that she talked to the lady at Vanburen, and the lady was sending an email, to the staff at the Vanburen library stating that I would be coming to pick up an app. Just that day I'd already picked up the app, before the email was sent.

Mary also mentioned that I might have a chance, at getting a job despite they also weren't hiring, and maybe before the new library that's almost done being built, was finished. I sure hope so I'd really like a job doing, something I love rather than something that would bore me to tears. I guess I'll just have to wait, till I hear something back from them!! Anyways about my moving out, I had moved to Alabama with a friend of mine, and her sister and her sister's fiancee'. Lets just leave it as it was a big bomb, where the sister and her selfish fiancee' wanted to control both me and Marie. I wouldn't have it, so my dad brought me home and that's where I'm currently at now. Marie decided she'd stay, and that's fine with me, although I'd rather have her home. But she seems to be doing just fine up there, so it'd be selfish of me to insist otherwise. I don't like being home, but I'd rather be home than in a household where some who was YOUNGER than me, tried to control me. As you can see I'm not one to be controlled, the situation really was a fail, too many things were left out and not enough things said, that should have been before me and Marie made the trip. Okies change of subject! Next Wednesday is my 21st birthday!! No I'm not going out and partying, and getting drunk like some fools do.

Its not even going to be special, although I would have liked to have done something just a little special, but I have no idea what :/ This Saturday I'm going to get my hair cut, and styled the way I want it. Then I'm going to have Heaven dye my hair a burgundy red. I've grown tired of black, so I thought it was time for a change. Then both grandma, and dad are going to take me to Booksamillion to get me some books, and manga. Also g-mom is going to let me get a cheesecake,cake so its not entirely a bad way to spend my birthday!! I'll post pictures once its cut,and dyed!! Alright I'm going to go for now, and this time I will do my best to become more active!

Belladonna's Curse: A Yaoi Fantasy Rp

I know its been a while since, I've last updated and I still plan on filling in the blanks. However for now I just want to advertise, for my rping site. At the moment, I'm in the desperate need of members as it stand there are only seven, and I'd like to get this roleplay on the go. Below is the plot along with the link to the site, where all the other information is at.

Long, long ago back before for the time of written records were formed eight seals existed. Awakening, Foretelling, Tranquility, Everlasting, Chaos,Requiem,Shadows, Deceit. The legends tell that these eight seals, could either bring good to the world, or be its down fall. It all depended on whom,used the seals either way the seals were seen as a doubled edge blade. With the seals were also eight warriors, whom protected the seals from the evil that would have the seals to do harm to the lands.

The greater evil at the time, was a demon king by the name of Antigone known for his beauty, and cruelty Antigone wanted the seals to destroy all lands, both new, and old. The demon king wanted to create a new world, one where his race, along with the other races ruled over the mortals. Fearing for his kingdom, and his subjects the king of Ilia gathered the strongest, bravest, audacious, and the most quick witted warriors from all over the surrounding continents. Those being the eight warriors, he then bestowed each warrior with a certain seal, they were to protect. When the time came Antigone attacked, along with his thousands of henchman. The warrior's prevailed, in the end trapping the evil demon king inside a ancient scroll. However it wasn't only Antigone that was gone, but the eight warriors, along with the seals they guarded.

The lands fell back into peaceful times, the shadow of what happened that snowy night still a mystery to this day. Legends aren't always legends, and they don't always stay dormant once laid to rest. Followers of the trapped Antigone, plan on bringing back their demon king. But first before they do that, they plan on taking the seals, so that his wish may be granted, before he makes a come back, and sits upon his throne once more. Somewhere eight warriors with symbols are parts of there bodies, walk the earth. Searching for the seal, that calls to them. However the seals disappeared, and no one not even those of the past know where the seals are.

Perhaps they were scattered throughout, the land in various important locations .... but no one knows for sure. The time to act is now, only when all eight warriors, and the seals are together will Antigone remain dormant. However that is if the warriors, can keep from wringing one another's necks.


Current and Recent Updates

Hey its been a while I thought it was time for a update, way past due actually. I've had a lot going out actually, my mom ended up getting sick a month or so after getting the cyst removed from her breast. She started throwing up, and was losing weight rapidly .... and it took a while to find what was wrong. After a month of it we finally found out it was gastric cancer, so she went in to have things removed. And at first she was doing, alright and was suppose to get out that night but then she ended having to stay overnight just in case. But after that she started getting worse, then she get better and then only to get worse.

We began wondering when she was coming home, and then on July 17th during one of my visits to see her she started getting worse, so they had to do this test, but weren't able to do it that night, so the next day they were going to give her test .... but she ended up in ICU. Then around seven something my dad got home, and had to talk to me and Heaven and basically told us that mom was going to pass away, and that she on a ventilator with barely any brain activity. Then a little later, dad came in my room and told me she passed away. For me it was pretty hard, I didn't cry all that much mainly because I have to stay strong and not let this get me down to the point whereI couldn't pull myself back out again. So basically I've had to take responsibility, for the most part and start helping around the house which I've been doing. When we went to go visit mom at the funeral home the first day was a bit of a downer, and it was hard seeing her in the casket not to much trying to keep all those relatives which thought they had to hug me. I don't like being hugged all that much to begin with, so it was rather annoying when some tried to hug me.

Luckily dad kept them off of me, because I was in no mood to be hug or socialize. Then the second day I wasn't as grumpy and hugged most of the people .... even if I didn't like it. I also got to know my aunt Cathy a little bit more and she seems pretty cool, she doesn't judge homosexuals, or she's not deeply religious like some people in my family. Not to mention she's not snobby, or anything heh unfortunately most people don't like her because of her beliefs and how she chooses to live her life but I think she's pretty darn cool.  The funeral went alright a lot of people came, and it was pretty emotional I helped with the casket, because simply I wanted to and felt it was my right too. Though the dang priest got my name wrong, he said it all wrong not to mention he said the year that my mom passed away in was 2002, and obviously this is 2009. And despite me wanting to get up and correct him I chose to stay quiet and just glare. Samantha and Renee came which I wasn't expecting but it was really nice of them to come, and it was nice to see them again. Sam had a baby now, and .... even though I NEVER want kids he was adorable I have to admit. So everything is going alright, it was difficult for a while but now things even tho might get bad again so far its alright nothing to bad.

My gmom is wanting to spend more time with us, and she's taking us places which is nice because before she didn't seem to really want us around. But now its the complete opposite which is a good thing, she's taking radition treatments soon but she seems to be doing pretty well despite what she's had to go through in these past few months. I'm hoping her condition will get better, but I'm sure it will knowing my gmom she'll pull through :) I'm still looking for a job, going to go Sat or maybe tomorrow, or Monday to apply to more jobs .... so far nothing really is coming of it due to the whole recession and all. But I'm hoping to get a job real soon, because I still need to save up for my trip to London. I have quite a bit now, but not nearly enough so I don't know if I'll make it next month or not. As for me and Marta well we're still together!! Obviously or I wouldn't be planning on going to London :P Anyways the sixth of this month we'll have been together for a half a year so that's pretty exciting, the 28th of this month will be a year that we've known each other another exciting thing! We've gotten quite close, and I must say attached for the most part .... she's going to Poland this Sat and she'll be gone for two weeks and four days which is going to suck majorly since we're not going to talk directly on the comp. However I'm hoping it wont go by too long cause I'm going to miss her a lot. I just really have to see her by the end of this year, because I know that I really do like Marta. Its been a while since I've really liked someone, and its such a nice feeling to have seriously. So that's my goal for this year, get to London to see Marta oh and see the Tower of London of course ;) Anyways I'm going to wrap it up here, and I'll update when I can!!

Eternal Poison Chapter Three

Time just passes by, I wasn't even aware of your arrival.” Reyna replied as he walked up to me. As always he was dressed fashionably, he wore a black overcoat with a crimson red frilled shirt, that ruffled at the sleeves like many of the shirts do. His pants matched the black in the over coat, and came down to his feet. His hair today was a bit different, he chosen to let it down for once I really had forgotten how long it was it was now almost touching the floor. “Liar you knew I was already here, the moment I arrived you just chose to stay in your bedroom writing.” I accused with a sly smile spread about my red lips. Another one of Reyna's many passions were books, and writing he was constantly writing something down, or sticking his nose in one of the many books he'd picked up over the countless centuries. “Nonetheless it was good of you to come now lets all go to the parlor we can discuss things in there.”

Reyna replied looking down into my hazel eyes as he placed a kiss on my pale hand.

Oddly enough I allowed such a gesture, but I didn't allow him to linger. From there I moved away and turned and headed towards the doors as was everyone else. Mariko was still sulking, and looked even more pouty than she had before I had upset her. With a inward sigh I hurried to catch up with her, and trust me in high heels that's not such a easy task. Not to mention when she wanted to the blond girl could run like a jack rabbit. Luckily though Mariko didn't look like she was going to start running anytime soon, because I wouldn't be able to catch her. “Hey I'm sorry if I offended you earlier, you really do look cute.” I said as I caught up with the pouty princess. She was silent for a moment …. and I wondered if she'd hold her grudge for just a little longer. “Really?! Okay then I forgive you!” Mariko exclaimed happily then grabbed onto my hand and laced her long slim fingers with my own. I could tell that she recently got her nails done, they were were polished and trimmed and painted a lilac purple.

Mariko you shouldn't cling to Chrome like that, she's had a long trip she must be exhausted.” Reyna scolded. “She doesn't mine, besides its not like I'm going to let you hog her all to yourself.” Mariko shot back. Apparently I didn't get a say in this, I thought to myself …. not that I really minded either way but it would be nice to have a opinion in this one. We were now walking down the long corridor, the echo of the tiling beneath our feet sounded throughout the whole mansion. A few moments later we came to a large wooden door that had Reyna's name carved into it. Impressive way to waste your money I commend you, I thought to myself sarcastically as I entered the room. It had gotten bigger than the last time I'd seen it, it was at least the size of a master bedroom if not more. The walls were done in wallpaper once again, the color a deep green to match the dark colored carpet that was on the floor. Along the walls where various pictures and paintings Reyna must have fancied, and there was a deer head oh how original.

There were a couple of book shelves along the walls as well, then in the center of the room was a long, dark mahogany desk it was no doubt messy. What surprised me the most, was the fact that there was one of those thin sliver boxes …. otherwise known as a computer. Heh so he too had given into technology's evil ways eh? Before I could look about the room anymore, I was dragged over to a leather sofa that was not to far from the fireplace that had been built along with the house. I took a seat and no sooner had I done that Mariko decided she was going to take up residence on my lap. “Do I even want to know?” I asked half amused as I looked up at her. “Nope! I haven't seen you in a while, so I'm clinging.” the blond said stubbornly. “Fine …. now someone tell me what's going on why did you want me here so badly?” I asked not really annoyed more so anxious than anything else. It was silent for a few moments, Seina decided to ease it by serving everyone tea and the cookies she'd bake for the occasion. I looked to Reyna who was standing over by the fireplace his back turned the rest us …. waiting for him to say something. “Its Morgan …. my brother he wants to be the one that break the curse.” Reyna said quietly. “But you said that all of you wanted to break the curse, why did you tell me differently?” I asked clearly confused and a bit annoyed.


Morgan was a part of the Yami clan, and Reyna's twin brother …. now that I looked around he was no where to be seen. “Would you have seriously came,if I told you it was Morgan who wanted to wanted to break the curse?” Reyna asked as he turned around and looked back me, those green eyes were so serious as they bore back into my own. I knew what he was getting at Morgan wasn't the type to try something like this he was level headed, smart, and a down right rational person. “I didn't want to believe that you wanted to break the curse, but I came all the same now didn't I?” I pointed out. “That's why we need your help, we know the weight of our sins and we have to atone for them …. and you know living isn't so bad even if it took me several hundreds of years to figure that out.” Seien stated from across the room. Seriously I didn't know what I would be able to do, if Morgan was so hell bent on doing this how in the world were we to stop him? He was just as immortal as the rest of us, and talking didn't seem like it would work either since he could be just as stubborn as Reyna at times. “What am I suppose to do?” I finally asked after sometime. Suddenly my peaceful way of living looked like it would be in for a hell of a ride for months, possibly years to come. “He may try and contact you talk with him, see if you can reason he always did favor you.” Ares replied.


We need you no one else can get through to him, who knows what will happen if he insists on breaking the curse.” Izel added. I glanced over at the midnight beauty she looked worried, and that was so unlike Izel she was always so confident in everything she did. “I don't see how its going to help any, he'll just ignore me too if he learns that I wont try and break the curse. If that's the case what then, what are we going to do then?” I questioned. “I'm with Chrome I don't see how it'll help, he's already rejected all of us including Reyna.” Mariko murmured softly. “Just shut up for once in your life you stupid self absorbed girl, if Reyna thinks it'll work it will!” Willow spat across the room. This right here annoyed me Mariko was just stating her own opinion very much like Willow would have even if no one really gave a damn about it. I pushed Mariko off my lap, and stood up I had said I wouldn't fight and I had no intention of it but I wouldn't just keep quiet while Miss Willow, tried to woo Reyna who she obviously had feelings for by being a bitch to everyone else. “I'd think before you speak if I were you, because if anyone is self absorbed its got to be you. I don't know if your pmsing, or if its just age that's turned you into a even bigger bitch but lay off Mariko.” I replied firmly.

I chose not to go any closer to Willow because if she decided to punch me I couldn't be reliable for my rational self going off on her. “Ladies, ladies lets not fight it was just a careless slip of the tongue now whaddya say we all go out on a date?” Retica suddenly said to lighten the mood. But clearly I wasn't in the mood for his happy go luck, I don't give a shit mood. “Shut it Retica.” Me and Willow said in unison. “Heh you don't know me, or the first thing about me.” Willow said now to me, a sneer on her full lips. “Nor do I care to, now I think I really have wasted enough time here …. so if you'll excuse me I'll be leaving now.” I said as I turned on my heel to go. There really was no point in staying if Morgan wouldn't listen to anyone else, then he wouldn't listen to me. They would just have to figure out another way to convince him, tie him up for all I care just leave me out of it I thought to myself. I felt a tug on my sleeve, and I didn't have to look down to know that it was Mariko. “No don't go …. don't worry about Willow she doesn't phase me in the least …. but if you go because of me then I'll just feel awful!” Mariko said hurriedly. Ah Mariko could really hit below the belt when she looked at me like this, her lips were all pouty and those chocolate brown eyes looked at me in such a pleading way.


I knew I was going to regret my next words, but nonetheless I couldn't stop them before they were out of my mouth. “I'm leaving …. if you want to come with me then come on or else stay behind.” I replied as I looked down at her. “Wait Chrome you cant just leave what about Morgan?!” Reyna asked clearly annoyed. Of course his question was pretty much on deaf ears, once Mariko heard the offer. “Really?! I can go home with you? I'll do it! Let me get some clothes, and I'll be right with you!” Mariko said as she bounced up and down, and then just ask quickly out of the room. “As far as I'm concerned I don't want any part of it, but if he calls I'll see what I can do. But I'm not promising anything more than that, I've had enough of this curse and the bull crap that circulates around it …. I just want to live my life in peace and I don't think that's much to ask.” I stated. With this I turned and left the room, and didn't wait for anyone else to speak. As I walked to the front entrance I called Clive to tell him that I would be coming home after all, and that I was bringing a guest. Once that was done and over with I stood there and waited on Mariko to get her things together which very well may take ages. She'd no doubt have all of her things out of her suitcase strung about the room, as she tried to decide what to take. When it came to decisions Mariko defiantly wasn't good at making them, that was for sure. “So your really going to go? Your not even going to stay here, and try to think of a solution with all of us.” Setsuna questioned.


He was leaning up against a nearby wall, I hadn't even heard him follow me out that's how quiet he'd been. “No I wont Setsuna you know this clan like I do it would be nothing but never ending arguing, between both my clan and Reyna's. I'm tired of it, and I shouldn't have even come.” I stated with a small sigh. If anyone could understand my reason behind this it'd be Setsuna, or rather I hoped he would. “I'm glad you did after all it has been quite a while, since we've managed to see one another. But if this is what you wish then go, I wont argue what I will say is that I hope its not another two centuries before I lay eyes upon you again.” Setsuna murmured. With this he walked towards me and placed a kiss on my forehead, and turned and walked back towards the parlor. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty for having not been in contact with Setsuna …. it just never seemed to be a good time for either one of us up till now. I knew though that Setsuna bore no grudge with me, call it my intuition or the fact that I just knew how the man was. About twenty minutes, and half of my patience later Mariko came running down the stairs, with several suitcases …. good thing my limo was spacious I mused. “Your not going to be at my place for a centuries you know.” I pointed out as I nodded towards her belongings.

I know but I got some new clothes, and I want to model them for you! Seina's not the only one who can model.” the blond girl said with a wink. I decided not to argue on this one, and just let it be because knowing Mariko she'd pout again. “Alright then lets just go.” I said as I opened the doors open for her and allowed her to go out first. Just about that time my long stretch limo, came pulling up into Reyna's long driveway. How Clive managed to get here so fast was news to me, but I guess that was one thing with age and experience. From there I grabbed a few of Mariko's bags, and placed them into the trunk while Clive handled the rest. From there I slid inside beside Mariko who was happily sitting against the window, not that it was any surprise to me but the girl looked even happier if that was possible. “Ohhh this is going to be so much fun! We can stay up late, and talk for hours and do each others hair it can be like one of those modern day sleepovers girls have!” Mariko said as she bounced up and down on the seat a little. “No thanks you may get into that kind of thing, but that's just not me.” I declined. Knowing Mariko the moment I let her touch my hair it would end up cut, and to my shoulders in a modern day fashion. The blond girl did love her fashion, and it seemed that even now she kept up with the latest trends.

Aw but it'll be fun, pleaseeeee Chrome.” Mariko begged throwing me those puppy dog eyes again. “Why don't you ask Seina, or Ares? They'd be more the type to accept?” I asked. Seina was a model now so wouldn't she be the best candidate not to mention Ares gossiped so Mariko could be entertained by that …. why me? I could careless about gossip and clothes were merely something to wear not god like thing that needed worshiping like so many people seemed to do. Granted I liked looking nice, but there was a limit to everything. “Seina's too busy with her job, and Ares talks too much …. plus I just like you more!” Mariko said bluntly. “While its nice to know you like me, still I'll have to decline I'm not into what you are. If you want to visit with one another we can order a pizza and rent a movie, but that's as modern as I'm going.” I replied. I'd recently bought a flat screen television, such a wondrous box it was full of so many pictures, and people. For a while I'd been convinced that it was evil, and it was created by black magic but the more I heard about them the more, I came to want one.

Aw …. alright then we can still stay up late right? We have so much to catch up on.” Mariko asked with some disappointment. “Yes, yes I suppose we could.” I muttered giving in just a little. It wasn't like talking with Mariko was troublesome, and while I did like my peace …. some company would be nice. I just hoped that the others didn't decide to invite themselves and waltz in unannounced I thought with a grimace. “Yay! Thank you your the best!” Mariko exclaimed as she hugged me tightly. “Yeah,yeah I'm a regular god, now let go please?” I muttered. Heh but the request was on death ears, especially when it was Mariko I was speaking with. She rested her head on my shoulder, and tucked her arm through mine and stayed just like that. I glanced out the window, we were now heading back into the forest a few hours and we'd be back at my place. So for the remainder of the ride I tried not to think of the curse, or that Morgan was really the one that wanted to break it and not Reyna and the others.

Eternal Poison Chapter Two

It was late evening when I awoke, the limo was pulling up the hill that lead to Reyna's driveway. As the driver continued up the path, I could see the old mansion it'd no doubt, been fixed over the years. There was no way Reyna would let the 'steal' he'd found fifty or sixty years ago disappear too soon. The house however was about four hundred to say the least years old. The outside structure was done completely in rocks, each stone was carefully placed like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. The roof was somewhat towering, kind of like medieval towers, but not quite as round. The windows were long, and wide they looked every bit as regal as they were intended to. The yard surrounding the mansion was nicely kept to, it was probably due to the fact that Reyna paid a gardener.

Nonetheless it was still quite beautiful the grass was freshly trimmed, there were rows of rose bushes surrounding the house, and off in the distance would be a small pond where Reyna had fish, only for watching of course. Once we came to a stop at the front of the mansion, Clive my driver came around and opened my door for me. “Thank you I'll call you if I shall need you to come pick me up again.” I said with a soft smile. “Oh no trouble ma'am just call me day, or night and I'll be here as soon as I can.” came the sound of Clive's deep voice. After that I thanked him once more, and headed up the rock walk way to the mansion. No sooner had I walked up on the wooden porch, the double doors flung open and a flash of blond came running at me. I was practically tackled to the ground we both hit the wood of the porch hard. I stared up half dazed half annoyed, at my assaulter it was Mariko and damned if she didn't looked the least bit phased at where we were at the moment.

She hadn't changed a bit, well obviously. Her hair was still long and golden blond hair she had them done up in cute pig tails. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with happiness, and excitement as she gazed back down at me. She wasn't dressed in her usual attire, instead she know wore a small reasonably low cut blouse it was black and had some wording on it. With that she were a black and red checkered plaid skirt which was short. Seriously it would have be frowned upon back in the day, I thought with a inward chuckle. At her feet were, a pair of combat boots which I had to admit suited her and her make up was as a cute and girly as ever. Her lips were a blend of pink and red, and her rogue which kissed her rosy cheeks was a dull shade of pink. For her eyes there was a light purple and pink contrast going on. She was always cute, and defiantly a looker of that even I could admit …. but at the moment I really shouldn't be admiring her for her looks I muttered to myself.

Chrome its really you! Oh I've missed you so much, you look great really great!” Mariko bubbled out compliment after compliment. She was now clinging onto me for dear life I could practically see the flash of the lacy pink and white striped bra that she had on. “Yeah its me, or at least I think its me …. now get up would you? Someones going to come out here and get the wrong idea.” I muttered. My long black hair which was curled was now splayed all over the porch, my emerald green gown was hiked up, revealing a little more leg than I had wanted to. Surely anyone would get the wrong idea, heh especially anyone in my family. From there she got up off me in a hurry, and apologized quickly once I rose to my feet I told her it was fine. No sooner was I back on my feet again, Mariko grabbed onto my arm and loop her shorter delicate arm through mine and all but dragged me into the parlor of the mansion. “He,he you've still got that sarcasm about you I see, that's good. Everyone from your clan is already here their waiting in the ballroom.” Mariko explained along the way. “Ah I see, didn't take them long.” I muttered out loud, but more to myself than anything else.

As I looked around the interior had changed from the last time I saw it, now the walls had wallpaper a nice floral scene, I noted. There was still that big fireplace in the center of the room, only now it was molded with rocks which wasn't entirely a bad idea I reasoned. The stairs that lead up, to the other rooms in the mansion was long and spiraling, and painted a nice bright white. “What's with the outfit, what happened to your usual ball gowns?” I found myself asking as he headed on back to the ballroom. “Isn't it cute?! Its nothing like the dresses back in our day, but its so much lighter and I like the way I look.” Mariko said with a pout. She did look cute, I had to hand it to her, but I wasn't about to admit it out loud. “No you look like a harlot of our day.” I replied with a smirk. “Aw no fair, I do not! Just the other day Retica was saying how adorable I looked!” the blond girl protested with a bit of a dramatical stomp of her foot. “You do realize that Retica's just saying that so he'll get on your good side …. if you know what I mean.” I pointed out.

Aw poor Mariko she could be quite dumb at times, or rather she let on like she was. After all Retica was a handsome guy, but he was forever the sweet talker of both cute girls, and guys. “But … but I want to be told I'm cute damn it!” Mariko shouted now losing just a bit of the girly side to her. Heh,heh well her puppy dog like anger was defiantly cute that was for sure I thought quietly to myself. From there we finally reached the double doors, of the ballroom. Before I could say anything else, the blond girl threw both double doors open like it was nothing, and all but dragged me into the room. There mingling with one another, dressed in lavish gowns and dashing suits was my clan, and Reyna's. The silent talk that was going on amongst the others, was interrupted when Mariko had slammed the doors open. The very upset princess all but dragged me inside the room, and with a humph left me. I sighed quietly and reminded myself I'd have to apologize later, with that I walked over to greet my clan who I haven't seen in a long while.


Retica naturally was the first to greet me, he looked quite dashing as usual with his brown overcoat, and frilly white collar the buttons were black but had hints of silver aligning the edges. His pants matched the same color as the coat, his semi short reddish brown hair was tied back with a ribbon. His grey eyes were filled with that flirtatious/humored look that never seemed to go away. “Hey sexy long time no see.” Retica said with that lazy smile of his. Apparently the local speech had rubbed off on him, back in our time it was said a little more subtly. Heh he would have ended up getting slapped if had said something like that, to a lady of our time I thought with a bit of a smirk. “Still the same as ever I see, how have you been?” I asked as I gazed back up into his eyes. Retica was a member of my own clan, and no matter how he was it was only natural to feel some affection for the man. “Well I'm not sick, and I'm not dying anytime soon so pretty damn good I'd say.” Retica replied cheekily. Before I could make a witty reply to that, our very own gothic princess or to be more specific Izel subtly bumped Retica out of the her way so she could greet me.


Still pretty as every, and still so much like a doll with her porcelain white skin, and long midnight black hair that was done in nothing but masses of curls. Her eyes were a pretty forest green, and oh her face it was so delicate and soft looking everything from her tiny nose, to her full cherry red lips. The gown she wore was pitch black, it was a off the shoulder gown so her pure white skin was exposed, the sleeves were thin and trimmed with laces. As for the front of her gown was daringly low cut, so just the tops of her small but generous breasts were peaking out over the material. It was laced up like a corset, and the whole bottom half of the gown was flared out, and trimmed with lace and black bows. “Good evening.” Izel replied with a polite bow, taking in her hands her dress and raising it just a little as she did. “Its good to see you again, your looking well.” I replied back. With this the the midnight beauty, turned and walked off …. Izel had never been one of many words not even back in our village.

She was the silent beauty that everyone either admired, and desired, or loathed and picked on. Izel was often thought to be rude, or snobby because she would say what was on her mind then turn and leave. “You really should give me a call sometime, there has been so much you've missed.” a soft but smooth voice said. I turned and there standing at five foot eight with fiery red hair, and dark blue eyes was Ares. I noted the dress she was wearing it was such a vibrant shade of red, the sleeves were long and frilled at the end, and the front of the dressed was lined in black all the way down the middle. The skirt of the dress was all puffed out but it suited Ares well. “I prefer my solitude thank you, besides all you want to do is gossip anyways.” I found myself replied teasingly. “There's nothing wrong with keeping up on the times, after all we're forced to live through each decade.” Ares pointed out. She was forever the gossip freak as she was back then, the red head had to know every little detail about, who was doing what, or who just like in the old days.

Not that she was a bad person, it was just she couldn't keep her mouth shut if she learned a delicious secret. “I suppose not but your a little too into them my dear Ares.” I said. This may sound silly here, but I'd forgotten how many their were in my clan, and it seemed like it was taking forever to greet them all. Not to mention I still had to greet the Yami clan, who was waiting patiently as I talked among my clan. From there I visited with Seien a long blond haired boy well if you could call him that anymore, with hazel eyes like my own. Then there was Shiki a dark loner of his time, he'd chopped his black hair off which had once been down his back, now it only went passed his chin. But it framed his handsome face, and the black in his hair really seemed to bring out the brown in his eyes. After I finished talking among my clan for now, we could always catch up later after all, I noted as I scanned the room that Reyna was not in here. Heh it was just like the man, to not be here on time he was always so late to dinner parties, and balls. Mariko was still sulking in the corner, I'd have to tell her she was cute later …. for her to forgive me. A tapping on my shoulder had me turning around, there standing about approximately six foot was the dark red headed, green eyed boy I use to tease so much as a child.


Hey red your looking good.” I complimented while using my old nick name for him. He was dressed well too, he wore a smart white over coat which was trimmed with gold buttons, and intricate designs on the pockets. His frilled shirt was the same white, but it suited him as did the pants which were also the same color. Teru pulled me into a hug which I hadn't been expecting, but all the same as a polite gesture I hugged him back then pulled away. “Oh I'm sorry, its just …. well you know like everyone has been saying its been a while. Its just so good to see you, even if your still calling me that ridiculous name.” Teru stated quietly. Before I could say anything I heard a shout which seemed to be laced with annoyance. “Keep your hands off Chrome! She doesn't like to be hugged.” Mariko announced her voice echoing off the walls of the ballroom. Heh she knew this and yet she was still forever hugging me,glomping me, and practically holding onto me tightly. Teru who was a soft spoken person, and a jumpy person by nature began apologizing for doing something that I didn't like over, and over again.


Its alright I'm not mad.” I said to Teru. Though I could forever tease him about this incident I thought in the back of my mind. “Heh I don't see what's so great about you, you still haven't changed much. I don't see why we even need you hear.” came the voice of the one person I didn't like in Reyna's clan. There standing up against the wall was a beautiful but a downright bitch as she would be called even in this day and age. Her hair was now short and spiky but had some length to it, and dyed a bright shade of green, something of this time I supposed. She wore some band tee shirt, that was ripped around the stomach showing off her pale stomach. A pair of tight black jeans were hugging her well rounded hips, and she had her lip pierced. I must say that even I was a bit taken aback, I wondered if Reyna was shamed by this girl's actions. “Its always a pleasure to see you again too Willow, your still the same snobby bitch I knew back in the day …. lets do tea sometime shall we?” I shot back sweetly.

It was defiantly a surprise to see the now green haired girl, who once had long flowing wavy brown hair, and dressed in elegant dresses and one who was popular with the men, now dressed as some punk rocker so to say. I watched in amusement as Willow's clear blue eyes turned a shade darker as the agitation set in. “I promised Reyna I'd play nice enough, but if you keep that up I'll challenge you to a duel.” Willow said coldly. “Oh screw Reyna darling, we could always go right outside if you like but your forgetting one little detail, neither one of us will die.” I said with a smirk my eyes never once looking away. Talking about death would surely set Willow off, because she wanted it just as badly as the rest of us. Only she was more sensitive to the topic, because she wasn't use to not getting what she wanted. However before she could come at me, which she looked like she was about ready to do a girl with long cascading brown hair, stood in between me and Willow. At first I didn't recognize her it was only then did I look at the exotic features of her face, and the grey eyes was when I realized that it was Seina.

Back in the day she hadn't, kept her hair any longer than up to her chin and now it almost reached the floor. “That's enough Willow just because you don't like her doesn't mean you have the right to be rude.” I heard Seina's soft but firm voice say. “I don't care what you have to say, there's no way I'm being polite to her …. not when everyone's acts like her cupcakes her the greatest.” Willow said with a huff. Cupcakes? When did I start baking? I thought quietly to myself half amused, at this comparison. I had a witty reply back to that, but I chose to keep my mouth shut simply because it would only end up causing a disturbance and that wasn't necessary. “You've changed quite a bit since I've seen you Seina.” I commented to the dark haired girl. “Oh its mainly for my job, I started modeling you know.” Seina said. Modeling? Why in the world would someone as sweet as Seina want to model? The whole world was based on looks, which she had but nonetheless she was so much better then that. But then again they said if you got it flaunt, I reasoned. Then again it wasn't liked she needed the money, even still if one could get extra money it never did hurt. “No I didn't know though good luck, you defiantly got it to show off.” I complimented. I heard a scoff over in the direction of Willow but I said nothing still. “Looks like I'm last.” a rich sounding voice filled my ears.


There standing not too far off was a tall man about oh say six foot two, his long honey colored hair was pulled back into a fashionable pony tail tied with a ribbon was Setsuna. His blue eyes were still the prettiest I'd seen in a long time, I thought quietly to myself. He hadn't changed one bit, it would be odd for the man to change seeing how I could never picture him in anything else but his old attire. Without thinking much of it, I darted over to where he stood and embraced him tightly. Setsuna was always a close friend, however it was a shame that we'd lost touch with one another, but I supposed this sort of thing happened. “Its nice to see you again, your fairing well eh?” I asked as I looked up into his eyes with a wide smile spread about my face. “Indeed I am, I don't think I'll be getting sick anytime soon, but all the same its good to see you too.” Setsuna replied warmly. I then pulled away and took a step back, even if we hadn't spoken in a long while I could still see that in Setsuna's eyes I was still a very important friend to him. Before anything else was said the double doors opened and in walked Reyna. Now it was time to see if I'd be leaving or staying, I thought silently to myself as I waited for the dark haired man to approach me.